Clothing Policy

We encourage children to explore what can sometimes be messy materials to enhance their first-hand experiences, so please do not send your child into nursery wearing their best clothes or tell them that they cannot paint or engage in messy play. We encourage the use of aprons, but paint can still sometimes get onto clothes.

Please give some consideration to the clothes children wear at nursery:

  • Avoid best clothes
  • Dress children in clothes they can manage themselves (avoid belts, tight jeans, dungarees etc)
  • Shoes: the best fastening for young children is Velcro as children can fasten this independently. Shoes with rubber soles have the best grip for climbing; shoes which are closed at the toe and heel will protect your child’s feet; open toed sandals and flip-flops are best kept for the weekend
  • Dress for the weather: coats, hats and gloves for colder weather; sunscreen, hats and t-shirts to cover shoulders in sunny weather
  • Please ensure all items of clothing are named as young children are still learning to return their coats etc to their peg, so if we find an item of clothing around nursery, we can quickly return it to its owner. We have a lost property basket should any item we find be unnamed.
  • For safety reasons, children should not wear jewellery. We suggest that children with pierced ears wear small, plain studs.